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Take Fair fashion as a standard |

Fair Fashion  |  Made In Ghana |   To Empower

fair fashion
Fair fashion
made in Ghana
MAde in ghana
to empower
to empower

creating fashion must be as fun as wearing it.

we take fair fashion as a standard.

Urban style, African vibes, that’s us. We love to make a bold statement through our fashion items & we love to do that the fair way. We empower local entrepreneurs, who believe that the creation of fashion should be as much fun as wearing it.

Of course we can’t do this alone, we have a collaboration with TUMI Ghana. This empowerment center provides sewing training courses for young Ghanaian women, who make every single item by hand. Now, that’s what we call power!

Jacket Adwoa

| The fanny packs

One special cupholder, five different fabrics & ten pieces per print. Urban style, handmade by the fanny pack team in Ghana. Get yours here:

| The jackets

One fit, three sizes, five different fabrics & ten pieces per print. Urban style, handmade by the jacket team in Ghana. Get your statement jacket here:

| Let's get social!

We start new generation empowerment by collaborating with young local entrepreneurs who create our fashion items. 

Fair fashion empowerment starts with you: by wearing! 

Wanna join? Follow our journey on the Hey Chaley Instagram, share a photo of you rocking your outfit and use the hashtag #heychaley!


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