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Introducing: The Cupholder Fanny Pack

Reusable festival cups: no longer a pain in the ass!

When you have been to the Netherlands or live there, you know one thing for sure: The Dutch people know how to throw a great party! On an annual base the Netherlands hosts more than 1000 festivals with all kinds of music and people. Unfortunately this is not without consequences. Around 21 million visitors come to these festivals every year and leave 2.33 kilograms of plastic waste a person on these beautiful festival grounds. So if you do the math, this adds up to 48.930.000 kilograms of plastic waste a year! That’s insane, right?! 

Let’s make reusable cups!

Luckily there were some awesome people who thought: ‘this has to change!’ and came up with reusable hard cups! So you want to save the whales, these cups are a good choice. But well, sometimes it’s kind of a pain in the ass! Especially when you’re dancing around with an empty cup in your hand. You can go to the bar to change your cup for a coin, but waiting in line is not your favourite occupation at a festival. Stuffing the cup in your bag is also not an option, because who wants beer all over their stuff?! So we ended up in some kind of love/hate relationship with these reusable cups… 

The fashionable Festival Fanny Pack

With Hey Chaley we thought, we could make a change too! Why not create a fashionable festival fanny pack?! A fashion item to carry all your important stuff along, but in which you can store your reusable cup as well, even after finishing your drink. So we made a sample and tested it on festivals and parties… Turned out: it works! The first collection fanny packs with cupholder is now available!

Now we need your help! Are you also in a love/hate relationship with the reusable cups and do you have an eye for fashion and sustainability? Let us know what you think of our new fanny packs and check out our new collection here!

Keep calm and party on, chaley!



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