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Hey chaley, you want to make a statement in your own, unique fashion item. How cool! This is the right place to order a custom made jacket in your own fabric and fit. How it works? Simple!

hey chaley, let’s go custom made!

First of all: custom made items are not always available.

Due to logistic challenges and specific fabric design availability custom made orders are only possible when our Dutch team is in Ghana. Contact us here to find out if the ‘custom made’ option is available at the moment.

Please note: due to the above mentioned reason all custom made orders from unknown requests will be declined, even if you already paid one of the below shown options. Make sure to always get in touch with us before paying for a random custom made order option.

You’ve already placed a custom made order in consultation with us? Lucky you!

Choose the right payment option and your unique fashion item will come your way soon!

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