Jacket Kofi

The very first Hey Chaley collection.

In March 2018, we launched our very first collection: African style jackets, made by designer Annette. Back then, our formula was simple jackets: unisex bomber jackets, limited stock and different sizes per print. Good idea, but this turned out pretty complicated to manage. At first, making just one size per print seemed unique and daring. The goal was to build a brand with quick changing collections in limited quantities and a lot of different fabric prints in order to stay ahead and adaptive and above all: not boring. Eventually it turned out it wasn’t. Seeing an awesome print in the wrong size is not fun, it just sucks. So after the first collection we chose to narrow it down a bit: less different prints, all available in every size. Looking back makes us feel nostalgic: the first collection was a hassle to manage, but it looked freakin’ awesome.

Curious? See for yourself: join us on a trip down memory lane and check out the first Hey Chaley photoshoot ever.




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