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With Hey Chaley we focus on connecting cultures, but most of all on having fun along the way. We create handmade fashion items out of African fabrics in different prints with a unisex fit. And well, we think it’s important to have our story 100% transparent, so no secrets.

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Hey Chaley is based on teamwork between Ghana and The Netherlands and women’s empowerment in particular. Therefore, we have a collaboration with fashion designer Antoinette (a local Ghanaian entrepreneur) & TUMI Ghana. TUMI is a non-profit organisation that focusses on women’s empowerment in Kumasi, Ghana. TUMI provides training programmes for young Ghanaian women in forms of ‘Beginners’ and ‘Advanced’ sewing classes. The goal is for them to make a living as independent seamstresses. Hey Chaley collaborates with the girls and young women who just finished the ‘Advanced’ program.

What the production site at TUMI looks like? Watch the video below! What the production process from start to finish looks like? Check it out here.

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