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| production process

See our production process from start to finish here, chaley!

1. Fabric shopping

Of course we want you to look awesome. That’s why we do our fabric shopping at Central Market in Kumasi, the biggest open air market of entire West-Africa. This is where we spot the coolest prints for your unique item.

2. Sewing at the workplace

Our items are created at TUMI Ghana. The seamstresses were educated here and this is where the magic happens. Fabric goes in, fashion comes out.

3. Quality Control

Our items are handmade, so every piece is slightly different. To avoid big differences like a missing pocket (yep, that happened), the TUMI staff checks every batch thoroughly before shipment.

4. Shipping

First our items travel to Accra the Capital of Ghana. From there it’s sit back and relax while traveling to The Netherlands.

January 1, 2018

5. Hey Chaley HQ

Once in The Netherlands, the items are stored at the HeyChaley Headquarters. Which is basically co-parenting be- tween Lisa’s and Annemiek’s homes. This is also where we prepare and send the orders.

January 1, 2018

6. Happy customer!

Yup, that’s you! If you want to send us love, support, questions, suggestions, comments, or just nag about something: info@heychaley.nl.

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