Bandana Kofi


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Kofi means ‘Born on Fiday in Twi, a language spoken by the Ashanti people of Ghana who live in Kumasi, the city where our fashion is made. Kofi is a common first name for men in Ghana.

All our products are handmade, that’s why fit, size and colour can be slightly different from the picture. Please note: the bandanas are made out of ‘leftover’ fabric and have a small fit. So always check the product information carefully before ordering. Have fun looking awesome!

  • Zero waste: recycled material;
  • Fabric composition: 100% cotton wax print fabric;
  • Diameter (without stretching) is 25 cm; 
  • All our products are handmade: size and colour can be slightly different from the picture;
  • All bandanas have an elastic band; 
  • All bandanas are handmade by our designer Annette in her own sewing studio in Kumasi, Ghana.
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