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Right now, when the world is drifting apart, making connections feels more important than ever. Brand new shirts with brand new artwork: sustainably handmade and printed in Utrecht to support local empowerment in The Netherlands too. The unique artwork is designed by Dutch artist Mabel Feenstra to express connection and brotherhood Hey Chaley stands for. 

| The jackets

Say goodbye to your little black dress and say hello to your new African jacket! With this bomber jacket your wardrobe won’t be boring, your arms won’t be cold and you will never have to question what you’re wearing to stand out in the crowd again! Our jackets are African inspired Dutch fashion items and give you just that bit of uniqueness you were looking for!

| The fanny packs

Apart from your African style jacket, you can now top off your outfit with a festival fanny pack to protect your precious goodies in the most fashionable way! We recycled jackets from the previous collection to make the festival fanny packs. They come with a special holder for your water bottle or reusable cup.  A party will never be the same!

| The fanny packs

| The bandanas

| The bandanas

While recycling our old jackets into fanny packs, we ended up with some ‘leftover’ fabric. Since we aim for a zero wasteproduction process, leftover is no option for us. That’s why we started thinking, how to use these fabrics? We got something to wear when it’s cold: the jackets. And we got something to store all your precious goodies in: the fanny packs! So how about matching your hair style with your outfit?!

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